GEn1E Lifesciences


GEn1E Lifesciences Inc. (“Genie”) is a biotechnology company with a platform for accelerating cures for inflammatory and age-related diseases.

  • Drug development typically takes >$1B and ~15 years with ~10% of preclinical phase therapies reaching FDA approval

  • Gen1E’s approach is 10x cheaper and 2x faster, with 2x success-likelihood through focus on rare and neglected diseases with commercial and developmental attractiveness



GEn1E has a pipeline of programs with strong preclinical data. Our lead program is a selective p38α kinase inhibitor, representing a platform for the treatment of various inflammatory and age-related diseases.


GEn1E’s team includes like-minded professionals with deep experience in Business Development and Strategy, Chemistry, Clinical, Formulations, CMC, Toxicology, Regulatory, Bio-Statistics, PK/ADME, Bioanalytical, Health Economics and IP Law.